multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter and producer of handmade music.

Hagelslag 6



duo with Olli Wissing

with his Funky Friends


upcoming live shows

April 2024

04.04. Liedfett at Westand, Braunschweig

05.04. Liedfett at Musa, Göttingen

06.04. Liedfett at Kfz, Marburg

07.04. Liedfett at Schlachthof, Wiesbaden 

09.04. Liedfett at Hirsch, Nürnberg

10.04. Liedfett at Muffathalle, München

11.04. Liedfett at Tante Ju, Dresden

12.04. Liedfett at Kalif Stroh, Erfurt

13.04. Liedfett at Sputnikhalle, Münster

14.04. Liedfett at ZAKK, Düsseldorf

16.04. Liedfett at Jazzhaus, Freiburg

17.04. Liedfett at Substage, Karlsruhe

18.04. Liedfett at Kulturhaus Schwanen, Waiblingen

19.04. Liedfett at Exil opt. Plaza, Zürich (CH)

20.04. Liedfett at Stattbahnhof, Schweinfurt

24.04. Liedfett at Die Pumpe, Kiel

25.04. Liedfett at MAU, Rostock

sideman projects and acting

past shows & locations

John’s versatility allows him to tackle various musical projects. Besides his frontman projects where he sings and plays guitar and drums, he does play bass in the Hamburg-based Eso-Punk band Liedfett, but he has also embarked on a new journey as an actor at Thalia Theater since early 2024, starring in the one-man classroom piece “GipsyLand.”

Indra Club Hamburg // Birdland Jazz Club Hamburg // Herrenhausen Gardens Hanover // Garbicz Festival // Deichbrand  Festival // Smart City Days Hanover // Hafengeburtstag Hamburg // Große Freiheit 36 Hamburg // Igor Butman Jazz Club Moscow // Capitol Hanover // Mojo Hamburg // SO36 Berlin // Badehaus Berlin // CBE Cologne // Nova Rock Festival // Enzo Festival // MusikZentrum Hanover // Zorlu Performing Arts Center Istanbul // Chelsea Vienna // Expo Plaza Hanover // Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival Rome // Szimpla Kert Budapest // Neushoorn Leuuwarden //  

and many more…